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Ask the Medical Expert Archives 2000-2004

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Week of April 3, 2000

    Question:   I would like to quit smoking, but failed with the nicotine patch in the past. I heard that Zyban was helpful. Should I try it?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I tried Zyban to help me quit smoking in the past, but relapsed after 10 days due to intense cigarette cravings and anxiety. I smoke 2 packs per day. Could I also use the nicotine patch?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I have Asthma. I am using my Proventil inhaler 4 times per day. This is the only med that I am on. Should I be on any other meds?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I have severe Asthma and are already on several meds including Flovent, Serevent, Theodur and intermittent oral steroids. I heard of a newer med called Singular. Might this be helpful?    Dr. Shiller's Answer

    Question:   I smoke about 4 cigarettes per day. I want to quit. Do you recommend any medications to help me quit?    Dr. Shiller's Answer