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Ask the Medical Expert Archives 2000-2004

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Dandruff Treatment
February 2000

Q. What would you recommend for the treatment of dandruff?

A. Dandruff (flakiness and/or scaling) of the scalp is extremely common. To a certain extent, it is normal. However, for bothersome cases, selenium sulfide (such as is in Selsun Blue), can be very helpful. Also, because many cases are thought to be due to a type of fungus, Nizoral shampoo is often very effective. This is now available over the counter. Various tar shampoos also can be helpful, such as T-Gel shampoo.

Generally, I would only recommend using the above shampoos two to three times per week. For those who like to wash their hair more frequently, using a regular shampoo on other days is fine. Try not to use very hot water, which can worsen the flaking.

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